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Streamlined Multi-Channel Marketing Funnel

The perfect marketing initiative to start or add to your current marketing as a B2B organisation.


Through our Streamlined Multi-Channel Marketing Funnel, your ads are put in front of the right people at the right time of the buyer journey.

Our eight simple steps

Install Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) enables a broader way to track activity on your website. We install this into the code of your website to optimise analytics.

Market research

In depth market research of target audience and competitors. Develop persona's of your ideal buyer, understand your competitors and niche out your target audience. 

Add tags and pixels

Using GTM, we create and implement Google Analytics, LinkedIn Insight, Googles Ads tags and more. So your marketing activities are all in sync with your website.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning and funnel development for coming month mapped out. Set up goals and how these will be achieved. Build trust around your brand before conversions.

Optimise events and conversions

Using GTM and Google Analytics, we optimise your website to track conversions like form submissions, newsletter sign ups, phone calls and more.

Asset creation

Creation of campaign assets for relevant funnels and audiences. Whether that is organic, sponsored or email content. 

Campaign launch

Roll out of campaign assets sticking to deadlines and goals discussed. Use A/B testing for everything that you spend a dollar on.